Welcome to Yankee-Doodles! Inspired by all those family stickers that didn’t fit the interests of my own wacky clan, I’ve started a small but growing selection of cut vinyl stickers for your amusement.  As you may infer these stickers are Civil War (War Between the States for you Confederates) related and are intended to announce your enthusiasm for this period in U.S. History for any and all sundry to see.  Please click on the “Decals” link and peruse our collection.  I hope the prices are reasonable and will endeavor to ship them to you as soon as possible!

These stickers are designed for application to any smooth surface, even painted surfaces if the paint is fully cured.  They are dreamed up and made in Frederick County, Maryland, from the highest quality outdoor vinyl designed to give you years of outdoor enjoyment.

If you have special requests for personalized variations on existing designs or requests for custom designs not shown here or have other questions, just send a note to stickers@yankee-doodles.com.

Thank you,

Audrey Scanlan-Teller